Why Edition?

The furniture and products that will be released in Offecct Edition are sourced from the history of architecture and design, these are pieces that have taught and inspired us but which might have been unavailable or even neglected in the past. By introducing older pieces in a new edition, we want to contribute in bringing forward innovations which both have a given place on the market as well as an compelling and important story to tell new generations.

“Offecct is a company with a strong interest in architectural history. We have always been great admirers of Frank Lloyd Wright and Sven Markelius and looked at their impressive body of work for inspiration. This new collaboration marks a highlight in the evolution of the company Offecct. Offecct has always been, and will always be, committed to develop and produce original and sustainable design”
Kurt Tingdal, CEO and founder Offecct AB.

Soundwave® Ennis

Frank Lloyd Wright’s mesmerizing pattern for the concrete blocks used to build the Ennis House has been applied on Soundwave® as an acoustic panel.

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Markelius 01, Table

Designed by the Swedish architect Sven Markelius for his own villa in the Stockholm suburb of Nockeby, now with the table top in walnut veneer.

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“What is considered classics today is often pieces of furniture that, at the time of its release, didn’t actually receive the kind of recognition or impact that it deserved. By introducing older furniture in a new edition, we want to contribute in bringing forward innovations that might have been forgotten or perhaps didn’t reach consumers, but which both have a given place on the market as well as compelling and important story to tell. With great honour and respect we are repurposing this timeless design into the future”
Anders Englund, Design Manager of Offecct.

The products had world premier at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018.

The designers

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Frank Lloyd Wright™

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) was an American architect widely recognised for creating USA:s first domestic architectural style: the Prairie Style. Frank Lloyd Wright believed we all have the right to live a life surrounded by beauty regardless of economic or social status.

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Sven Markelius

Sven Markelius (1889–1972) was one of the most influential Swedish architects of the 20th Century and played a crucial part in the introduction of Modernism in Sweden. His own villa in Nockeby (1930) was one of the first to be built according to the new ideals and was also one of the first experiments with reinforced concrete in housing architecture in Sweden.

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