To customize our offer is a part of our philosophy Lifecircle.

We develop our range and our furnishings in accordance with the market’s preferences, requirements and future needs. Unique design, authentic quality and personal solutions combine to prolong our products’ life cycle.

Projects and bespoked design

We love new ideas, personal visions and unique solutions. We are happy to customize our existing furniture to customers’ needs and preferences for a special environment or activity. We call this division for Offecct Bespoked – specialized in producing bespoke design for soft seating.

Since we have full control of the production chain, we have extensive freedom to modify our range to meet the customer’s unique need or function.

Patterns, seams and colors

Flexibility and innovative production technology help to create that personal touch. Our range of patterns, seams and colors makes it easy for our customers to make choices that create unique furniture and furnishings that put a personal stamp on the brand and environment.

  • Offecct Selected Patterns are selected exclusive patterns. Decorative patterns are available in six different patterns and twelve thread colors.
  • Offecct Selected Stitches are unique decorative stitches in six different stitches and twelve thread colors.
  • Offecct Flexicolor is a range of RAL colors for lacquer used on metal supports and sofa legs.


Offecct Selected Stitches Offecct Selected Patterns