Innovative design on the planet’s terms.

The world is full of products, and at Offecct we don’t want to contribute to the excess – unless the furniture we make can in some way add genuine value to people, architecture and society. This is why we always demand that our products have that magical, elusive spark that makes the world a little better. That they stir the senses, heart and intellect – and that, in short, they are worth loving. That’s our mission – and our passion!

Together we continue to offer innovative design on the planet’s terms. Our mission of creating furniture for a better, healthier and greener world is more important than ever before.

Our philosophy Lifecircle

Our philosophy Lifecircle, is based on the will to give our furniture a sustainable life cycle. That means that we take full responsibility for every part and detail in our work, before, during and after the product leave our hands. Our collection is created to meet the need of and demands for functional and beautiful design, today, tomorrow and hereafter.

Bespoke solutions

To customize our offer is a part of our philosophy Offecct Lifecircle. We develop our collection and our furnishings in accordance with the market’s preferences, requirements and future needs. Unique design, authentic quality and personal solutions combine to prolong our products’ life cycle.


We lay the last hand on all of our products in our factory, and to make our clients understand what lies behind the finished result, we make all information about the manufacturing available through markings such as stamps, QR codes and certificates. We mark our products in order to give our clients full access to information about the specific product and to guarantee that it is authentic. Our production is local and transparent.


Our products will live a long life because of the high quality; therefore we also offer services for an active second-hand market. Our Lifecircle philosophy not only enables our clients to renew their interiors, it is also economical and environmentally friendly. We claim full responsibility for our products before, during and after purchase. Our products are designed for a long-lasting life.

We have created a second-hand market for our products that compliments Offecct Lifecircle philosophy. Offecct Reused includes re-upholstery and cleaning of our clients’ Offecct products.

Service & support

We guarantee sustainable interior solutions and are therefore available to our clients also after the purchase. We help our clients maintain, check and care for the products that have been bought because it is good for us and the planet.

Products which can be recycled.

When purchasing your furniture, find out if it has been designed for disassembly. Many manufacturers will claim that their product contain 95 to 100% recyclable material. But quite often pieces of furniture are comprised of different material.

If something is built to last or is easily repaired, it lessens the likelihood of being thrown away, and can even save you money in the long run, stopping you from purchasing a replacement piece. The environmental impact of manufacturing two items compared to one is also something to consider.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

One quick and easy way to work out the environmental credentials of a piece of furniture is to examine its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). An EPD is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products. It calculates the complete impact on the environment, from extraction of raw materials to factory gate out..

Having an EPD does not necessarily mean that a product is environmentally friendly, but it gives you a clear indication of the total impact the product has, and you can compare product EPD’s to see the difference between manufacturers.

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Möbelfakta is a unique sustainability label for furniture that takes into account both quality, environment and social responsibility. It is a general reference system open to all. Möbelfakta Sverige AB is owned by IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute and The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry, TMF.

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Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel for furniture is awarded to products that net strict environmental, quality and health requirements. The use of harmful chemicals is strictly regulated, and a high content of recycled materials is required.

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