Handcrafted by Offecct

Global design. Local craftsmanship. World-class quality.

Our products are transformed from concept to reality at our factory in Tibro – Sweden’s centre for furniture. Our design philosophy may be global, but we achieve world-class quality by ensuring that our entire process, from development to production, takes place locally.

In Tibro, our product developers and craftsmen work with selected designers and architects from around the world. We use local suppliers wherever possible and continuously invest in our own production facilities and expertise of our employees’.

The journey from concept to reality

A topic we want to discuss in even more detail is our products’ journey from concept to reality. We want to emphasise the importance of the combination of global design, local craftsmanship and the collaboration between world-leading designers and our employees in Tibro, Sweden, the people who actually make the products in our factory. Without them, there would be no magic.

Local craftsmanship

There are many passionate professionals in our factory, all of whom are proud to always deliver the best quality. Thanks to the craftsmen critical eyes and skilled hands, they make products that exceed our customers’ expectations.