Design development

Design development

One thing is certain; In the near future, only the design and function will be possible to own. The materials we will borrow from nature. We all have to rethink and reuse. Design on the planets terms are natural parts of our philosopy  Offecct Lifecircle.

Global design, local handicraft

The products in our collection are created and tested in the development department in our factory in Tibro. Here, we invite Swedish and international architects and designers to work with our product developers and artisans, to create new and original designs.


Tobias Strålman, Design Lead.

Through local handicraft, ideas and experiences from different cultures and environments are shaped in to physical objects. We never take shortcuts and we always let our philosophy and values influence the work that we do.

As far as possible, we collaborate with local suppliers and we constantly invest in our own production facilities. We do so in order to ensure that quality is sustained throughout the manufacturing process, so that we can offer our clients world leading products.

Phoenix, art installation by Luca Nichetto at the auction house Bukowskis during Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017.
The first model of the chair Cornflake by Claesson Koivisto Rune.
A part of our philosophy is working with the most talented designers available in the global market.
Our products are handcrafted in our factory in Tibro by skilled craftspeople.

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