Design development

The heart of our business.

Independent design, product development and manufacturing are at the heart of our business. It is through meticulous care for each individual detail and complete control over the entire process that we create furniture that should last as long as the buildings in which they’re placed.

Collaboration in our factory

All the products in our collection are designed, developed, tested and manufactured in our development department and our factory in Turek. Here, selected designers and architects from all over the world work closely with our product developers and craftsmen, to create new and original designs.

Local process

Our design philosophy may be global, but we achieve world-class quality by ensuring that our entire process, from development to production, takes place locally. Through local handicrafts, ideas and experiences from different cultures and environments are shaped into physical objects. We never take shortcuts and we always let our philosophy and values influence the work that we do.

Investments for the planet

As far as possible, we collaborate with local suppliers and we constantly invest in our own production facility and our knowledge to use the planet’s resources as well as possible. We must be sustainable in everything we do and continue to create groundbreaking design on the planet’s terms.

Furniture with a mission.

One thing is certain; In the near future, it will only be possible to own the design and functions. We all need to rethink and reuse the earth’s resources, which means only borrowing them from nature.

Pushing boundaries forward

In order to meet our high demands, we gather knowledge from the traditional craftsmanship in Tibro and the new challenges we face every day, not least in our Offecct Lab, where we experiment and test new solutions, materials and concepts.

Offecct Lab is our forum for experimentation with new materials and the development of new ideas in order to push the boundaries for techniques and sustainable solutions forward. It is a dynamic forum where we and our partners experiment and try to make the impossible possible. Sometimes it results in a new product which becomes a part of our collection, and sometimes it remains an important new experience and knowledge.

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Tobias Strålman, Design Lead at Offecct

Tobias Strålman has a background as an industrial designer and has previously worked on design and product development for kitchens and white goods. In his role as Design Lead at Offecct, he will be focusing on developing new products in partnership with the company’s development department and external designers. Sustainable solutions with a strong visual identity, positive material choices and exceptional design are his top priority.