Sound quality influence our creativity.

Sound pollution spoils the atmosphere in a room, saps concentration, increases stress levels, and adversely affects how we feel. This is a problem that is growing with the increasing tendency towards larger rooms and open-plan solutions.

It is proven that good air and sound quality improve our creativity and well-being. By combining our sound absorbing products you will have the best result for a healthy environment. !!!!


Reducing the source of the sound is the most efficient way to a better sound balance in a room.

In a room with many chairs the total effect when altering small details can have a significant difference on the sound levels. For example changing the chairs to sled legs and adding upholstery will reduce sound levels in a room.

Reduce and block

Choosing a sofa with a higher back will lower the sound levels in a room, and also create small rooms within the room.

Good for creativity, privacy and small group meetings.

Reduce, block and absorb

Our sound absorbing acoustic panels combine functionality and aesthetics, and are specifically designed to enhance the acoustic properties of any interior used for communication and social interaction.

Soundwave® panels help reduce disturbing reflections of environmental noises from voices, telephones, clatter etc.

Reduce, block, absorb and diffuse

Inspired by nature as our original environment we searched for a product that could mimic the qualities of leaves in a forest.

Like leaves, Membrane scatters sound at the same time as it partly lets the light shine through which creates a unique expression. The room divider consists of smaller acoustic panels which together creates a modular system with two inspiring finished patterns.

Sound absorbing panels and room dividers.

When we first began producing the Soundwave® acoustic panels in 2002, we were pioneers in the industry.  Today, with greater insight into the importance of sound, we are a world-leading supplier of solutions that absorb, reduce and block disruptive sound. Soundwave® is a range of original designed panels, designed by world leading designers, each with its own story and shape. Its more than acoustic, the designed panels become a piece of art placed on the wall.

A piece of art placed on the wall

We offer a wide range of sound absorbing panels, each with its own story and shape.

The strong collection Soundwave® is a well-known collection of modern acoustic wall panels that apart from its acoustic properties also brings character to the interior. Our standard colors are offwhite, grey and anthracite, but many of the panels can be upholstered in Gabriel Europost 2.

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Room within a room

We offer a wide range of room dividers designed to create different rooms within rooms.

Our collection of room dividers is made with the possibility of customizing solutions to meet the unique requirements in each specific environment the products are intended for. The dividers improve the acoustic qualities of an environment, while at the same time adding interesting dimensions to the room.

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