We offer services for an active second-hand market.

Our products will live a long life because of their high quality. Our Lifecircle philosophy not only enables our clients to renew their interiors, it is also economical and environmentally friendly. We claim full responsibility for our products before, during and after purchase.

Our products are designed for a long-lasting life

We have created a second-hand market for our products that compliments Offecct Lifecircle philosophy. Offecct ReUsed includes re-upholstery and cleaning of our clients’ products.

Framework agreement with med Göteborgs Stad

We are one supplier of furniture renovation to Göteborgs Stad framework agreement. Together with the other participants, we will work hard to find new innovative solutions in circular thinking and recycling.

How does ReUsed work?

We can repossess your furniture as fund when you buy new ones from us. We always try to be flexible to your wishes.

Alternatively, we can change the upholstery of your existing furniture from us. We bring the furniture back to our factory for re-upholstering.

We can change the upholstery of your existing furniture. We sew new covers and let the certifying upholsterer in your vicinity re-upholster the furniture.

Sales of ReUsed

Our ReUsed consist of nearly new furniture that has been exchanged from a customer, exhibited at a fair, photographed in a studio or lent. The combination of timeless, contemporary design and high production quality give Offecct’s furniture a long life; a life that is further extended since all the products in ReUsed go through quality tests and reconditioning. The result is attractive products that live up to the epithet almost new design furniture.

Projects with ReUsed

Our philosophy Lifecircle, is based on the will to give our furniture a sustainable life cycle. That means that we take full responsibility for every part and detail in our work, before, during and after the product leave our hands.

Together with our partners, we have several projects where we have given our furniture a new life through re-upholstery and renovation.

Gothia Science Park (GSP), Skövde, Sweden

Some Cornflakes chairs used in Gothia Science Park’s restaurant had become spotty over time. Marie Lindholm at GSP then contacted Offecct and together it was agreed that the best was to change the chairs. New fabrics were chosen in similarly strong colors as before, and the fabrics were given an extra dirt-repellent impregnation to last many years.

– We are very pleased with this service, says Marie Lindholm, Gothia Science Park. Offecct came here and picked up the chairs, and returned them after a week, in new condition.

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Diskrimineringsombudsmannen (DO), Stockholm, Sweden

When the Swedish government agency, Diskrimineringsombudsmannen, decided to relocate, the sustainability aspect was high on the agenda. Offecct’s Lifecircle philosophy became part of the solution.

– Many people think that it is more expensive to take the environment into consideration, but this project is a shining example of why the reverse is true. By looking after what we have, caring for it and and recycling it, we also save money. It is both environmentally and economically sustainable, said Ewa Falemo.

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