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Gothia Science Park

Gothia Science Park is an inspirational environment for businesses and business people focusing on growth and renewal.

Based in Skövde, southern Sweden, the park is a technology and research center with a distinct IT profile. GSP is an environment designed for growth and renewal for companies and organizations working in environmental fields, as well as the surrounding business community. The focus areas and innovation environment are run in association with the University of Skövde. The two parties have a unique shared building, Portalen, where research, financiers and business people share resources and meeting venues. Gothia Science Park is run by Gothia Innovation AB.

The Orangeriet restaurant is on the ground floor of Portalen. Orangeriet aims to serve healthy, nutritious food based on high-quality ingredients, with a broad, modern variation that’s elegantly presented. Offecct has supplied chairs and bar chairs for the restaurant environment.

The meeting venues at Gothia Science Park are unique. They support efficiency and are equipped with the technology that’s needed to optimize performance and outcomes. Offecct has supplied a variety of furniture for these environments to meet a range of different needs – from room-in-room solutions that allow privacy, to chairs that are suitable for conference settings.

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