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Design with a story – Pauline Deltour


Pauline Deltour’s stylized and tailored armchair Pauline, designed for Offecct, is now joined by a 2- and 3-seater sofa. In connection with the launch, Offecct publishes a book about Pauline Deltour where her co-workers and colleagues invite the reader into the designer’s studio and her world of ideas.

Pauline Deltour and Offecct’s collaboration has previously resulted in the playful urban room divider Thelma and the elegant Pauline armchair. Offecct now presents the Pauline sofas, which have the same stylized simplicity as the armchair with fabrics that are wrapped around it and create a tailored expression.

“All of Pauline Deltour’s products have a kind of ingenious simplicity based on exquisite and carefully designed details. The new sofas, just like the armchair, have a natural elegance with small shifts in pro-portions, surprising lines and brilliant functional solutions,” says Offecct Brand Manager Maria Olofsson Karemyr.

Pauline Deltour for Offecct. Photo of the book: Björn Ceder 2022.

The book about Pauline Deltour is the fourth in our book series that provides an in-depth picture of the company’s many long collaborations with world-leading designers.

“It´s in a way a kind of missionary, to spread knowledge and understanding about the work behind the good long-lasting design. In this book about Pauline Deltour, we meet her closest co-workers and colleagues, who invite us into her studio to understand both the person and the designer Pauline”, says Maria Olofsson Karemyr.

Pauline Deltour passed away unexpectedly and tragically in September 2021. A chorus of voices appears in the book to share their stories about Pauline Deltour and her work from architecture and design writer Helen Parton.

”When she started working on a project, the first thing she liked to do was to take a trip to the factory. She always wanted to know as much as possible about the company and the machines,” says her design assistant Claire Pondard.

Friend and designer Jun Yasumoto says: ”With Pauline, it wasn´t about trends, she wasn´t worried about people’s approval but followed her own vision. I admire her for this quiet energy, how she ran her career in a calm and strong way.”

Maria Olofsson Karemyr concludes: “All together, these voices offer a fascinating picture of a warm and humble person who at the same time had a clear idea of what she wanted with her professional life and her many projects. Pauline Deltour had the ability to be visionary, creative and poetic, yet deeply rooted in the craft, the materials and the production process.”

Read more about Pauline Deltour.


Previously published books in the series about Offecct’s collaboration with various designers are Matti Klenell,
Luca Nichetto and Lucy Kurrein. Order your copy of the book on Arvinius & Orfeus förlag.

Offecct+ Pauline Deltour
Publisher: Offecct
Text: Helen Parton, Maria Olofsson Karemyr
Photo: Björn Ceder, Pauline Deltour, Pauline Deltour Design Office,
Stephanie Füssenich, Marek Iwicki
Production: Henrik Nygren Design
Distribution: Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing

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