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Nomole by Ronja Reuber


Minimalistic, comfortable – and simply circular

A stripped-down graphic and playful bar stool with backrest and a slight swing – no more, no less. Ronja Reuber’s Nomole, designed for Offecct Sweden, is both minimalistic and comfortable with low material use and easy updating to make it long-term sustainable.

Nomole started out as a graduation project at Beckman’s College of Design, based on the question: What is the essence of a piece of furniture?

The result is a minimalistic bar stool with graphic precision, distinctive lines and a monochrome colour scheme, clearly founded on the belief that form, function and sustainability go hand in hand.

Photo: Björn Ceder

“The name comes from the expression ‘no more, no less’. The idea is to get to the core of the product, to use as little material as possible without compromising on either expression or usability. And, of course, to make sure that it can easily be updated, renewed and repaired for a long and circular life,” says Ronja Reuber.

She emphasizes that user experience, ergonomics and comfort were as important as visual appearance when she designed Nomole. The steel pipe construction has a slight swing that makes sitting more active and the integrated backrest provides comfortable support, regardless of whether the stool is used in a restaurant, an office meeting area or a home environment.

Photo: Björn Ceder

“Flexibility is important if furniture is to be sustainable, and Nomole can be used in many ways and in various environments. It’s contemporary yet timeless, has a playful as well as an industrial feel to it, and is functional with a strong design identity.”

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