Offecct Lab

Offecct Lab

It’s exiting to wake up every morning and see how the world is changing. There are so many new possibilities for a company like Offecct. That’s why we created Offecct Lab.

Pushing boundaries forward 

Our passion for design constantly drives us to challenge ourselves so we don’t get stuck in old routines, and that is why we have created Offecct Lab.

In Offecct Lab we experiment with new materials and ideas in order to push the boundaries for techniques and sustainable solutions forward. Sometimes it results in a new product which becomes a part of our collection, and sometimes it remains an important new experience and knowledge.

Offecct Lab 2013: Airberg, by Jean‐Marie Massaud
The seating furniture Airberg by Jean-Marie Massaud in Offecct Lab 2013.

Lab 2019

The seating furniture Waka by David Trubridge.
The seating furniture Waka by David Trubridge.



Lab 2018

The room divider Soundsticks by Andrea Ruggiero.
Soundsticks at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018.
Interface, a furniture by Alfredo Häberli.
The sculptural seating furniture Babled by Emmanuel Babled.
Soundsticks clearly represents our philosophy, Offecct Lifecircle.
Soundsticks are made out of waste material from Offecct’s manufacturing process.
Interface is a multifunctional furniture for different needs.
Babled by Emmanuel Babled.



  Lab 2017

The chair Jin by Jin Kuramoto is produced in the biological material, flax fibre.
The seating furniture Dune by Front is developed to accommodate new needs and lifestyles.
Jin chair is developed in two materials, carbon fiber and flax fiber.
Claesson Koivisto Rune celebrates the pop artist Andy Warhol with the table, Bouquet.


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