Offecct Lab

Pushing boundaries forward.

In order to meet our high demands, we gather knowledge from the traditional craftsmanship in Tibro and the new challenges we face every day, not least in our Offecct Lab, where we experiment and test new solutions, materials and concepts.

Our forum for experimentation with new materials and the development of new ideas

Offecct Lab is our forum for experimentation with new materials and the development of new ideas in order to push the boundaries for techniques and sustainable solutions forward. It is a dynamic forum where we and our partners experiment and try to make the impossible possible. Sometimes it results in a new product which becomes a part of our collection, and sometimes it remains an important new experience and knowledge.


Offecct Lab

Offecct Lab is about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. To try new solutions, materials and ideas. Challenge all accepted truths. And dare to throw oneself info the unknown to gain new insights.

Tobias Strålman, Design Lead at Offecct

Tobias Strålman has a background as an industrial designer and has previously worked on design and product development for kitchens and white goods. In his role as Design Lead at Offecct, he will be focusing on developing new products in partnership with the company’s development department and external designers. Sustainable solutions with a strong visual identity, positive material choices and exceptional design are his top priority.

Offecct Lab 2019

Waka by David Trubridge

Waka is a combination of industrial design and craftsmanship that reflects Offecct’s design philosophy – a product that is both eye-catching and functional.

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Offecct Lab 2018

Babled by Emmanuel Babled

What started out as a prototype in marble has, working with Offecct, been developed into commercial seating furniture that will be admired for its beauty as much as for its comfort and function in various public spaces.

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Soundsticks® by Andrea Ruggiero

Making a commercial product with left over materials, is easy to say but hard to do. But after deep discussions and elaborate workshops with Andrea Ruggiero, a design and a method was developed that not only ensured a sustainable product, but also a product that could add something new and relevant to the acoustic segment.

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Interface by Alfredo Häberli

A furniture with several possibilities. Can be uses as a place for socializing, a table or a work place or just a stool. The opportunities are many and it is only your fantasy that sets the limit.

Offecct Lab 2017

Dune by Front

Dune offers an exciting new response to the constantly changing needs of our work places and public spaces. Dune has been developed for the spheres where the need for informal meetings intersects with the demand for relaxed seating.

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Jin by Jin Kuramoto

The unique structure of Jin has ideally been realized by shaping thin layers of flax fibres on top of each other, forming a strong shell around a core of air, making the surface the actual structure of the chair.

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Bouquet by Claesson Koivisto Rune

The main aim of the Bouquet side table from the Claesson Koivisto Rune design studio is to cheer people up and bring an element of joy to a room. At the same time the table has a clear function, somewhere to put a laptop or cup of coffee for example.