Waka, Ottoman by David Trubridge
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Waka, Ottoman

David Trubridge

Offecct AB

Tibro Sweden


+46 504 41500

Waka, Ottoman

Waka, a seating furniture to drift away on. Waka is a place for meetings, or for rest where you can let your mind drift away for a moment.

Originally developed in Offecct Lab, Waka is now joining our standard collection. The furniture is derived from the lines in a boat construction and gives the impression of something that floats, something dreamlike that you can drift away on”, says David Trubridge. Waka can be placed in an open office landscape, or can stand as a beautiful, imaginative solo piece in a lobby or reception area.

“This is a combination of industrial design and craftsmanship that reflects Offecct’s design philosophy – a product that is both eye-catching and functional”, says Offecct's Brand Manager Maria Olofsson.

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Technical information

Available for the United States market. Fully upholstered in standard fabric Kvadrat Divina MD, Divina 3 or Divina Melange, base in black lacquered MDF. Quilted in Selected Patterns - BETA.


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Explanation of Dimensions

Height (H), Seat (S), Width, (W), Arm rest (A), Depth (D)

Standard Fabric

This product is available in the following fabrics. The recommendation of fabrics is based on the function and the ability of the fabric to take advantage of the shape of the product. Everything for an optimal result.

  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0843
  • Kvadrat Divina 213-c0147
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0713
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0673
  • Kvadrat Divina 1213-c0120
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0213
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0773
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0203
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0363
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0613
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0413
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0943
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0783
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0973
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0813
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0193
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0743
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0353
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0633
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0343
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0753
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0433
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0913
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0293
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0683
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0873
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0453
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0653
  • Kvadrat Divina 1219-c0943
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    Material declaration Ottoman quilted

    WEIGHT (kg) WEIGHT (%)
    Base; Wood 13,0 15
    Seat frame; Wood 60,0 71
    Textile 4,0 5
    Foam 7,0 8
    David Trubridge
    David Trubridge

    David Trubridge

    David Trubridge has built his studio and its operation on a profound environmentally-conscious philosophy, which informs all aspects of the studio’s design and production. A true lover of nature and the outdoors, concern for the environment has always come before profit for David Trubridge. This ethos is demonstrated in the studio’s dedication to sourcing environmentally…

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