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A school with a focus on safe, exciting and creative environments both indoors and out.

On 20 August 2020, Tibro’s new school, Baggeboskolan, was inaugurated. A school with capacity for 540 students in a total area of 9,300 square metres over two floors, with six departments including a special school and a full-size sports hall.

When Liljewall Architects were commissioned to design Baggeboskolan in June 2017, they began working closely with relevant staff and municipal departments at an early stage. With keywords such as space and irregularity, Baggeboskolan has been designed with sloping ceilings, diagonal walls and large light inlets. It is a special school with exciting and creative environments both indoors and out.

The students have different sections, to create a feeling of a small school in the big school.

Each section consists of classrooms, study rooms, toilets, and a common square that can be used for both teaching and play. The school has a central bright courtyard called Ljusgården where larger gatherings can be held. The courtyard connects the school and creates an excellent light entrance.

The school intertwines Tibro’s furniture history with its sports history in various ways. Baggeboskolan has everything from sculptures to furniture from local suppliers, and a collaboration with clubs and societies resulted in a flexible sports hall for increased use of the premises.

When it came to furnishing Baggeboskolan, an interior designer drew up a furniture plan together with representatives of the school. After that, local suppliers were contacted to make products that were best suited in terms of function and design.

For the school, Offecct has produced a lot of special furniture as well as fixed furnishings.

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