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Invest in silence


It is proven that a good air and sound quality actually improve our creativity and well-being. Therefore, we introduced the Air & Sound collection 2002. It is a collection including both sound absorbing products and products with the possibility to insert plants to contribute to a healthy environment.

Since the day man stood upright, most of our time on planet earth has been spent outdoors. It is only in the last one hundred years that we have started to spend most of our days indoors. From this, we should learn that evolution has adjusted our hearing for what was important in outdoor environments. Room acoustics should therefore adapt a building to mimic the acoustic conditions that exist outside.

Sound quality influence our creativity. Sound pollution spoils the atmosphere in a room, saps concentration, increases stress levels and adversely affects how we feel. This is a problem that is growing with the increasing tendency towards larger rooms and open-plan solutions.

We have been working with acoustics for a long time, and we were the first furniture company to launch designed acoustic wall panels. It all started with Soundwave® Swell, designed by Teppo Asikainen in 1999. Since then we have constantly developed our knowledge of acoustics and its important to our well-being. Read more about Soundwave® Swell.

Our acoustic panels combines functionality and aesthetics, and are specifically designed to enhance the acoustic properties of any interior used for communication and social interaction. Our collection with acoustic panels offer 19 sound absorbing panels and room dividers, designed by our renowned designers. Our standard colours is offwhite, grey and anthracite, but many of the panels can be upholstered in Gabriel Europost 2. Read more about our Soundwave® collection.

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