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“Creative hubs” by Mattias Stenberg


In collaboration with Offecct, the Stockholm based designer and architect Mattias Stenberg has created various “creative hubs” in recent years. On Point, Move On and Carry On together form a series based on the idea of the informal meeting in a workplace or a public space, for example an airport. With their very obvious handles, the stool promote mobility and spontaneous meetings, and the table is designed to allow full contact between up to eight people around it, while it’s also perfect for more private and intimate gatherings among a few individuals. 

Now in 2018, On Point is launched in two new heights, 900 mm and 1100 mm. The tables heights make it possible to choose between standing up or sitting on a bar stool. To correspond with the two new heights, the stool Move On has been launched. Read more about On Point and Move On.

Mattias Stenberg’s design philosophy stands on three pillars: clarity in concept, form and material. Stenberg’s architectural work affects the way he works with furniture and lighting. Read more about Mattias.


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