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Our code of conduct and sustainable
work is a part of our DNA.


Our responsibility

As a company, we are responsible so that our actions contribute to a more sustainable society on a local and global level. We follow clear guidelines for how we should act towards the world and for what is to be expected by our collaborators.

This means that we meet all people in a respectful, inclusive and open maner and that we engage in long term national and international development projects for the environment and society.

A modern interior should have a sustainable lifecycle. The stool Carry on by Mattias Stenberg.


We support Barnens Regnskog with the help of the table series Amazonas, designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Barnens regnskog

After being inspired by the mighty tree canopies of the Amazons, the Swedish architect and design trio Claesson Koivisto Rune designed the table series Amazonas in 2008. Amazonas was developed in collaboration with Offecct who donate part of the revenue from the sales to the non-profit organisation Barnens Regnskog (the children’s rainforest).

Find out more on the Children’s Rainforest website (Swedish).


Econef – Architects without borders

Since 2013, we collaborate with ECONEF,a non-profit organisation based in Sweden and Tanzania. The purpose is to increase the living conditions for orphans in the area Jua Kali. A new orphanage with a focus on sustainable technical solutions is being developed here, designed by the young architect office Asante.

Follow their blog.


Part of the revenue from the sale of the chair Kali by Jasper Morrison, is donated to ECONEF’s children center in Tanzania.
ECONEF’s children center in northern Tanzania, Africa. A longterm commitment for Offecct.

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