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Our Philosophy

In collaboration with our clients, we create a sustainable lifecycle for modern interiors. We are convinced that unique design, high quality and individual solutions increases the lifespan of our products.


On our planet’s terms

The Earth’s resources are not infinite and therefore we should treat what we use with respect and give back where it is possible for the sake of coming generations. We strive to minimise our footprint on the environment through efficient use of material in our production process, and through circular use of our products.



Our philosophy, Lifecircle, is based on the will to give our furniture a sustainable life cycle. That means that we take full responsibility for every part and detail in our work, before, during and after the product leave our hands.


Our collection is created to meet the need of and demands for functional and beautiful design, today, tomorrow and hereafter.



Bespoke solutions

We develop our collection based on the wishes, demands, and future needs of the market. Unique design, genuine quality, and personal solutions increase our product’s life cycle. Good design lasts for generations.


We mark our products in order to give our clients full access to information about the specific product and to guarantee that it is authentic.



Local and transparent production

We lay the last hand on all of our products in the factory in Tibro, and to make our clients understand what lies behind the finished result, we make all information about the manufacturing available through markings such as stamps, QR codes, and certificates.

Kali chair by Jasper Morrison. A unique sustainable project in collaboration with Econef children centre, Tanzania, Africa.


We have created a second-hand market for our products that compliments Offecct Lifecircle philosophy.


Offecct Reused program includes re-upholsery and cleaning of our clients Offecct products. Cornflake chair by Claesson Koivisto Rune, getting a total makeover.


Circular reuse

Our products will live a long life because of their high quality, therefore we also offer services for an active second-hand market. The Offecct Lifecircle philosophy not only enables our clients to renew their interiors, but it is also economical and environmentally friendly.


We claim full responsibility for our products before, during, and after purchase. Our products are designed for long-lasting life.


Service & Support

Maintain, control, and care for

We guarantee sustainable interior solutions and are therefore available to our clients also after the purchase. We help our clients maintain, check and care for the products that have been bought because it is good for us and the planet.

We claim full responsibility for our products; before, during and after purchase. We are always personally involved in our deliveries.


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