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10 beautiful objects that made our life easier – The evolution of a USB stick


The smallest object in Offecct’s collection can be spotted on the desks and in the hands of architecture- and design lovers around the globe. At Salone del Mobile in Milanwe will celebrate the 10th edition of our beloved USB-stick, this year designed by David Trubridge from New Zealand.

At the turn of the millennium the USB stick had become an indispensable object in our life, allowing us to easily transport information between devices. Over the years the speed at which the information could be transfered increased as did the storage capacity. Despite the rapid pace in which new software have made information travel through air, the USB stick has endured as a trusted tool in our everyday toolkit.

Offecct has always strived to improve the work- and meeting place with design, be it byimproving air quality or reducing unwanted sounds and waste. Now, the dream of a paperless office might not be fulfilled in this decade, but in 2010 Offecct took an initiative and asked Swedish architects Claesson Koivisto Rune to design a USB stick that ought be as sophisticated as a building. The result was an object with a flat base and sleek body which made it easy to place and locate when needed and beautiful to look at when not.

Since then, some of the architects and designers that Offecct collaborate with have been given the sametask. The sticks clearly reflects individual design philosophies and have evolved with the introduction of new user behaviour and hardware, such as the USB stick by Luca Nichetto which was designed to meet a new generation of laptops in 2011. The results have been released each year in conjunction with the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and produced in a limited edition which have inevitable turned it in to a collectors item among design aficionados. This year, New Zealand designer David Trubridge has been given the honour to design Offeccts 10th edition of the USB stick.

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