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Workplace with a distance


The demand for flexible, informal workspaces, designed to meet people’s needs and the features of the room, has only continued to increase. 

We offer a wide range of furniture designed to make a safe and private workspace. With our room dividers you can create different rooms within rooms.


Smallroom by Ineke Hans

Smallroom is offered with different back and side heights. The back of the sofa can be compared to a high wall functioning as a sort of protection when one is seated and created the impression of a smaller room.
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Oyster by Michael Sodeau

Oyster is an elegant easy chair inspired by the Swedes’ love for shellfish. The name Oyster also suggest the idea of a place to escape to – somewhere that belongs to no-one else, even though it exists within a larger milieu.
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Float High Large by Claesson Koivisto Rune

With a high back and sides Float High Large creating a secluded sphere where you can sit on your own or in a group. The easy chair feels like a small, separate room in an open environment.
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Our room dividers is made with the possibility of customizing solutions to meet the unique requirements in each specific environment the products are intended for.


Notes by Luca Nichetto

Notes not only absorb sound, but also help divide space in an exciting way. Instead of building and tearing down walls to construct new spaces, the user can be creative and easily rearrange Notes in different ways to meet their specific need.
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Wind by Jin Kuramoto

When sitting down in a chair or a sofa, the divider feels like a wall. They also make it possible to speak in a normal tone of voice even in acoustically chaotic environments.
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