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White on black: expansion in Tibro


Increased capacity for Offecct’s design collections and for exclusive customized solutions.
We are rapidly growing to meet the market’s increased demand for high quality original design. In particular, we want to be at the forefront for our customers and partners. At the head office in Tibro, the production area has increased 20,000 mthrough a merging of two factories. The change is clearly visible on the outside, which has a newly painted black facade that runs around the entire plant. There is no doubt that we are at Offecct’s headquarter and production (in Tibro since 1990) – respectful and eye-catching.
A brand new production line has provided a modern and efficient glue, cutting, sewing and upholstery department that will be able to offer furniture to creative meeting places around the world. Delivery capacity is increasing for Offecct’s collection of original design as well as for exclusive customized solutions. In connection with construction, Offecct has also reviewed its processes from a sustainability perspective and modernized its recycling and environmental issues?. A transport connection between the two plants means that we can quality assure our process from loading until our products leaves the building. The new inner courtyard has also been rebuilt to offer more parking spaces for current and new employees.
“I am very pleased that everything has progressed so smoothly with the construction and development here in Tibro. Now we can help architects and customers who want to buy our original design even better and more efficiently,” says Kurt Tingdal, CEO of Offecct.

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