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Upgraded design – Shift Wood by Debiasi Sandri


Sustainable product design should always allow for upgrades. Offecct is constantly developing its furniture, from both environmental and design perspectives, according to our Lifecircle philsosophy. Needs are constantly changing and Offecct hosts sustainable design for today’s and future users.

Shift Wood by Daniel Debiasi & Federico Sandri. Ash frame.
Italian based Daniel Debiasi & Federico Sandri’s collaboration with Offecct in 2018 resulted in a highly flexible easy chair named Shift. The easy chair – one seat and three different backs – can easily change the expression in a room. The different heights can be used for everything from individual focus on a work task, to pleasant relaxation and creative meetings.
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As the function can be varied and upgraded, Shift has a long life. This year Shift is upgraded with a base of solid white stained ash, so its expression can be further varied.
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