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The timeless collection Ezy by Christophe Pillet


In 2014 Christophe Pillet and Offecct launched the comfortable and timeless collection Ezy, which consists of a sofa, an easy chair, a barstool and a series of tables. Though, originally designed for the famous Pullman Paris Eiffel Tour Hotel, the additions to the collection offers more ways to enjoy its comfort be it in a meeting, at a bar, at home or in an office.

”Instead of making something strange, visible and loud, I wanted to make something very normal, simple and elegant. The purpose of the Ezy collection was to make a super functional, normal and long lasting design”, says Christophe Pillet about the origin of the Ezy collection.

”The first pieces of Ezy collection were contract use oriented in terms of dimensions and proportions. By adding a new upholstered sofa and an easy chair with a wooden frame to the collection 2015, which also works in a domestic environment, we have made it more universal”, says Pillet.

The successful series extended 2017 with a new model, a larger, inviting easy chair. The easy chair is available with or without a returnable base. Read more about Ezy Large.

Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel hotel, is located close to the Eiffel Tower. A 4-star hotel with an elegant and modern interior inviting both business and leisure travelers. Read more about this project Offecct did in collaboration with Christophe Pillet and Pullman Hotel.

Trends hold little interest for Pillet, who curiously looks around and creates designs to improve what already exists and adds what is missing. Christophe Pillet was educated at the Decorative Arts School in Nice and the Domus Academy in Milan. He works with everything from product and furniture design to interior and set design. Read more about Christophe Pillet.

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