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King creates an atmosphere of home environment rather than that of a restaurant, even though it was developed for Melker Andersson’s restaurant Kungsholmen in Stockholm. King has a sound absorbing quality which was something unique when King was developed. Offecct is innovative and market leading in the field of designed acoustic wall panels, but integrating sound absorbing features into furniture is something completely new. Restaurants are sensitive to sound. King has a rather uncommon design for a restaurant environment, but the design is perfect for absorbing and reducing sound. “Restaurant environments are extra sensitive to sound. Melker Andersson is extremely detailed and knows exactly what he wants for his restaurants – he wants recreation, conversation, music and good ambience. Bad acoustics could ruin the whole experience. With that starting point, I designed King”, says Thomas Sandell.

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Height (H), Seat (S), Width, (W), Arm rest (A), Depth (D)