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The sofa system Float is designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune and is characterized by comfort, flexibility, spaciousness and mobility. Float has a floating construction whose design is inspired by the Star Wars movies. Float consists of buildable modules that can be combined in different seating systems based on the need of the individual or the optimal design of the room. That Float looks like it is floating comes from a unique detail, barely noticeable due to the low base. By letting the sofa rest on a low cap of plate glass that reflects the base, an illusion that the sofa is lifting off the floor is created. It gives Float an airy impression despite its cubic and strict form. Eero Koivisto got the idea when he saw the vehicle Sandspeeder in a Star Wars movie and the technique of using plate glass to create the illusion that the vehicle was floating was described to him.

“One of my ideas is that furniture ’talk’ to each other no matter what their different expression are. The new sofas have a subtle design in order to harmonize with other furniture with different styles of expression”, says designer Eero Koivisto.

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Height (H), Seat (S), Width, (W), Arm rest (A), Depth (D)