When Trafikverket in Gothenburg planned to move to new premises, a work environment suitable for all was created, with activity-based workspaces providing scope for both creative workshops and focused meetings.

In 2017, Trafikverket in Gothenburg began looking around for new office premises that would fulfil their requirements for open areas and activity-based workspaces. They wanted to develop and create an attractive workplace for young people, and move away from the “traditional public-sector workplace” to a more innovative and modern workplace with both open social areas and more private meeting rooms.

As Offecct had previously played a part in the interior design for Trafikverket’s office in Malmö, we were given the opportunity to produce an interior design proposal for the office in Gothenburg too.

Following an inspiring factory visit to our facility in Tibro to view our whole collection, Trafikverket submitted a request regarding furniture and colours. Together with GAJD arkitekter, and after close discussion, we developed an interior design proposal for floor six that matched their requirements. The proposal was approved and the furniture was delivered to Trafikverket’s new office in summer 2018.

The colour theme for the office is intended to reflect what you would see if you were sitting on a train looking out of the window. A grey scale to represent the city, red for sunrise and sunset, green tones for forest, yellows for the countryside and blue shades for sky and water.

Together with sound-absorbing room dividers, the furniture gives the office a calming feel and creates a work-friendly environment. A suitable setting for everyone, with activity-based workspaces that provide scope for both creative workshops and focused meetings.

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