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Täby, Sweden


Layer, easy chair
Smallroom plus, sofa


MER Arkitekter


Lasse Olsson

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MER Arkitekter
Täby centrum

Täby City

The Layer easy chair and Smallroom sofa system create a pleasant feeling of a separate room inside the large space. Ideal in a shopping mall where noise can be a stress factor.

Täby Centrum is a glazed mall built back in the 1960s, but it has since been extended and renovated several times, most recently in 2014. Today the mall is one of the largest mall centers in Sweden, with 260 stores, restaurants and cafés in 840,00 square foot/78,000 m². On offer is a well-balanced mix of large international brands and well-known local businesses.

Sustainability is a key focus area at Täby Centrum, and it is proactive across the board with measures to reduce environmental impact. For instance the mall sends 1,100 lbs/500 kg of combustible waste to power and heating plants every year, which equates to the annual power consumption in 50 average single-family houses. With its focus on sustainability, Täby Centrum is now certified to BREEAM* with an Excellent rating during the design phase.

In the mall you will find the Layer easy chair, designed by Läufer + Keichel, and the Smallroom sofa system, designed by Ineke Hans. The furniture allows customers to take a short break, socialize and chat in a less frantic environment. With their high backs and side walls, the furniture creates a nice feeling of a small room inside the large space, and also shuts out some of the noise that some may perceive as loud and stressful.


* Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, the world’s most widely used building certification system.

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