Örebro, Sweden


Carry On

On Point


Origo Architects


Jason Strong



Änglanda School

Origo Architects has designed Änglandaskolan in Örebro, Sweden, which was completed in 2018 in collaboration with Futurum Fastigheter and ByggDialog. Änglandaskolan is a corridor-less school on four floors.

The ground floor contains various common functions such as a large kitchen, dining room, school health, and administration.

The large entrance hall located in the middle of the building creates a unique, common room with light coming in from the roof and circulation paths that lead further upwards. On each floor there are smaller activity squares that open onto the circulation path and the entrance hall. Glass partitions lead natural daylight into the residences from the center of the building.

Offecct’s Carry On and On Point create social meeting places in the school’s entrance hall in several different color combinations that interact with the school’s overall thinking and playfulness.

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