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Solitaire easy chair is an upholstered chair with an organic shape that is designed in one piece by Alfredo Häberli. One of Solitaire’s armrests is like an integral tabletop, for reading, writing or as a side table. The chair is equally suitable for the home as for the dynamic workplaces. For Alfredo Häberli, it is extremely important that furniture encourages activity and movement. The way people work today is different from how they used to. This imposes new demands on our surroundings. Solitaire is a stable piece of furniture with different possibilities combining function and form.

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Technical information

Wooden frame. Flexible seat in bearing weave. Seat and back in cold foam. Upholstered in fabric or leather. Standard leather Elmo Soft. Chromed frame with felt glides. Test standard: EN 15373:2007 Report no: 480208-16


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Explanation of Dimensions

Height (H), Seat (S), Width, (W), Arm rest (A), Depth (D)


  • Accessories

    Writing table in transparent Plexiglas®.

  • Tray
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    Offecct Flexicolor

    We understand the value of being able to create something unique. We offer different creative ways to customize our collection by offering a wide selection of RAL colors for lacquer or stained legs and frames.

    RAL 1001
    RAL 1005
    Honey yellow
    RAL 1011
    Brown beige
    RAL 1014
    RAL 1016
    Sulfur yellow
    RAL 1018
    Zinc yellow
    RAL 1019
    Grey beige
    RAL 1021
    Rape yellow
    RAL 1027
    RAL 1037
    Sun yellow
    RAL 2000
    Yellow orange
    RAL 2001
    Red orange
    RAL 2002
    RAL 2004
    Pure orange
    RAL 2008
    Bright red orange
    RAL 3001
    Signal red
    RAL 3003
    Ruby red
    RAL 3005
    Wine red
    RAL 3009
    Oxide red
    RAL 3012
    Beige red
    RAL 3015
    Light pink
    RAL 3018
    Strawberry red
    RAL 3020
    Traffic red
    RAL 4001
    Red lilac
    RAL 4003
    Heather violet
    RAL 4005
    Blue lilac
    RAL 4006
    Traffic purple
    RAL 4007
    Purple violet
    RAL 4009
    Pastel violet
    RAL 4010
    RAL 5001
    Green blue
    RAL 5002
    Ultramarine blue
    RAL 5005
    Signal blue
    RAL 5011
    Steel blue
    RAL 5012
    Light blue
    RAL 5014
    Pigeon blue
    RAL 5018
    Turquoise blue
    RAL 5020
    Ocean blue
    RAL 5021
    Water blue
    RAL 5023
    Distant blue
    RAL 5024
    Pastel blue
    RAL 6003
    Olive green
    RAL 6005
    Moss green
    RAL 6010
    Grass green
    RAL 6011
    Reseda green
    RAL 6018
    Yellow green
    RAL 6019
    Pastel green
    RAL 6027
    Light green
    RAL 6029
    Mint green
    RAL 7001
    Silver grey
    RAL 7005
    Mouse grey
    RAL 7008
    Khaki grey
    RAL 7011
    Iron grey
    RAL 7015
    Slate grey
    RAL 7022
    Umbra grey
    RAL 7026
    Granite grey
    RAL 7030
    Stone grey
    RAL 7035
    Light grey
    RAL 7046
    RAL 8011
    Nut brown
    RAL 8017
    Chocolate brown
    RAL 8019
    Grey brown
    RAL 8023
    Orange brown
    RAL 8024
    Beige brown
    RAL 9001
    RAL 9003
    Signal white
    RAL 9005
    Jet black
    RAL 9006
    White aluminium
    RAL 9010
    Pure white
    RAL 9016
    Traffic white

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    Material declaration Easy chair

    WEIGHT (kg) WEIGHT (%)
    Base; Metal 20,7 48
    Seat frame; Wood 19,0 44
    Textile 1,1 3
    Foam 2,2 5
    Alfredo Häberli
    Alfredo Häberli

    Alfredo Häberli

    Alfredo Häberli was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1964 and moved at a young age to Switzerland where he graduated from Höhere Schule Für Gestaltung in Zürich (1991). Shortly after graduation, Alfredo opened up his own studio and has through the years come to work with some of the world’s most renowned design companies.…

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