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Markelius 01

Sven Markelius

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Markelius 01

The Markelius table, that saw the light of day at the same time as Modernism became popular, was designed by the Swedish architect Sven Markelius (1889–1972) for his own villa in the Stockholm suburb of Nockeby. The round table served as a dining table and thanks to its placement in the house it came to be at the centre for conversations about the emerging Swedish welfare state as well as the flourishing international Modernism.

“This table has aged very well and looks just as striking in today’s latest signature buildings as it did in the villa it was designed for in 1930. It feels great to be able to launch this table which is a prime example of the modern movement, which is what Offeccts collection rests upon. I hope this table will act “host” for many creative meetings in the future”, says Kurt Tingdal, CEO of Offecct.

“This is a flawless table in every respect. The only thing that we have had to adjust was the type of wood used for the table top. The environment and sustainability were important aspects of Sven Markelius work, just as it is for Offecct, that is why we have exchanged ebenholtz, the popular choice of the time and replaced it with walnut veneer”, says Anders Englund, Design Manager at Offecct.

Markelius01 has a table top in walnut veneer and a frame in stainless-steel. The position of the legs is marked in the table top.

Collection Edition

The table is produced in a limited edition of 125 pcs. Contact Offecct Sales support for stock balance.

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Technical information

Currently not available for the United States market. Table top in walnut veneer MDF, both top and underside. Frame in stainless steel. Adjustable feet in black ABS. Limited edition.


Explanation of Dimensions

Height (H), Seat (S), Width, (W), Arm rest (A), Depth (D)

Material declaration Table Ø1200, height 720 mm

Base; Metal 15,0 60
Tabeltop; Wood 10,0 40
Sven Markelius
Sven Markelius

Sven Markelius

His own villa in Nockeby (1930) was one of the first to be built according to the new ideals and it was also one of the first experiments with reinforced concrete in housing architecture in Sweden. Throughout a long career that would span six decades Markelius worked to advance architecture, increase housing standards and contribute…

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