Offecct Lab

Offecct Lab

It´s exiting to wake up every morning and see how the world is changing. There are so many new possibilities for a company like Offecct. That´s why we created Offecct Lab.


Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible

We always want to challenge ourselves. To have an outlet for our inquisitiveness. To push the boundaries in terms of design, technology and sustainable solutions. And above all – to never get stuck in routines and the same old rut. This is why we have created Offecct Lab.

This is a dynamic forum where we and our business partners experiment and test new solutions, materials and ideas. Where we throw ourselves into the unknown – to make the impossible possible. Sometimes the products become part of our standard range, and sometimes they simply remain important stages of knowledge and development.

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Offecct Lab 2013: Airberg, by Jean‐Marie Massaud
Offecct Lab 2013:
Airberg, by Jean‐Marie Massaud
Jin chair by Jin Kuramoto. Developed in 100% biological material flax fiber.
Design for new behavioral patterns and lifestyles. Dune by Front.
Jin chair is developed in two materials, carbon fiber and flax fiber.
With inspiration from Andy Warhol’s flowers; Bouquet table by Claesson Koivisto Rune.

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