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New recruits relish future challenges


Since Offecct became a part of Norway-based corporation Flokk, the design-oriented company has been given new opportunities to evolve. The new setup was finalised in August this year, with Maria Olofsson Karemyr as Brand Manager and Tobias Strålman as Design Lead. Together they will continue to develop products with a high degree of innovation on the planet’s terms.

Tobias Strålman has a background as an industrial designer and has previously worked on design and product development for kitchens and white goods. In his new role as Design Lead at Offecct, he will be focusing on developing new products in partnership with the company’s development department and external designers. Sustainable solutions with a strong visual identity, positive material choices and exceptional design are his top priority.

“Offecct’s products must feature a high degree of design content and be of outstanding quality in order to stand the test of time. We are simultaneously taking a strategic approach to work to identify areas where we need to enhance our product offering. This is being done in close cooperation with our design council, whose members include, among others, the long-serving Eero Koivisto,” explains Tobias.

Maria Olofsson Karemyr has a lengthy background in the design world and worked most recently at Kosta Boda. As Brand Manager she will be responsible for Offecct’s marketing platform, product strategies and development of the company’s communications. One of the challenges associated with a rapidly changing world is recognising what drives development forward, without compromising on eco-friendly production and a sustainable end product.

“By continuing to be a company that generates sustainable designs using renewable and recycled materials, we want to increase the focus on behaviour; how we use, re-use and share the resources and products that already exist. Regarding waste as a raw material is more or less a given, and it’s essential for development at the current time,” says Maria Olofsson Karemyr.

Offecct’s continued involvement and desire to advance development is intended to influence people and change behaviours. The world is already full of products, and Offecct does not want to add to this surplus. Instead, the company wants simply to supply furniture that is of real value to people and architecture.

“We regard Offecct as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to issues such as these, both locally and globally. Our aim is to continue contributing to this debate at all levels. Through internal initiatives and various design courses, and through discussions with architects, clients, designers and all other consumers of Offecct’s furniture in a variety of public forums,” concludes Maria.

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