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Highlights from Clerkenwell Design Week 2019


Check out some of the highlights of the week. 

The official unveiling of the redesigned showroom! 

The new showroom previews a bigger collection of our design than ever before, in a way of bright, bold fabrics and configurations. The specific layout of the showroom, designed in collaboration with designer Michael Sodeau, represents the changing agile workplace. Read more about the redesigned London showroom here.

The art of fine jewellery with Ruth Thomlinson 


Ruth Thomlinson offered guests a rare glimpse into the skilled work of an artisan jeweler. 

Across the week Ruth hosted several intimate sessions with designers, interior stylists and writers, taking through the intricate details of jewellery design, and under Ruth’s guidance providing an opportunity for everyone to create their own bespoke piece of jewellery. For more information about Ruth Thomlinson Jewellery, click here.  

Panel discussion with Wellworking 

In a collaboration, Flokk and Wellworking hosted a panel discussion on the importance of acoustics in the workplace. Topics covered why do acoustics matter for businesses and the wellbeing of staff, how can the issue of acoustics be solved with product, and what does this look like in practice. The solutions sought and installed. Plus what could the future look like in acoustics with technology considerations. 

Panellists included Dr Nigel Oseland, Director of Workplace Unlimited, Michelle Wilkie, Director at TP Bennett, Lee Jones of Wellworking and Joachim Schubert, R&D Engineer from Offecct. Chaired by the founder of Workplace Insight, Mark Eltringham.  

The talk kicked off with some interesting thoughts on the evolutionary and environmental factors of noise. Joachim explained how the human ability to hear sound evolved outdoors, and that we should try to recreate an outdoor open sky effect inside, to better suit our ears. He suggested that this can be done through the use of acoustic panel and roof ideas.

Joachim also demonstrated the design principles behind Soundsticks®, and also highlighted the excellent environmental credentials behind this in the short video below.


Dinner with the designers 

The week was brought to a close with a fabulous dinner party including special guests Michael Sodeau and Lucy Kurrein. 

If you weren’t able to join us during the week, please do come and drop in whenever you are in London. We are open every weekday from 9 am – 5 pm. Welcome!

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