Oat husks becomes furniture.
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Furniture from oat husks


Offecct is participating in a new project that aims to make designer furniture from oat husks.

    “Another step closer to combining innovative design and environmental sustainability,” said Offecct Product Developer Joachim Schubert. 

The innovation agency Vinnova has provided funding of around SEK 3 million for the environmental technology company OrganoClick and Offecct to develop a biocomposite material for furniture manufacture based on oat husks from agricultural side-streams.

    “By using oat husks, which are a side product in farming and would otherwise be burned, we want to create products that are climate friendly, cost effective and functional,” said Joachim Schubert.

The project started in June 2017 and will continue for three years until 2020. The aim is to have products ready for the market by that time. Other participants are the architects SandellSandberg and Studio Stockholm Arkitektur.

“We are pleased to be involved in this project and this strong network. Our ambition is to spearhead development towards genuinely sustainable solutions and this is yet another step on the way to achieving our vision,” said Joachim Schubert.

Joachim is also responsible for Offeccts innovations within the philosphy Offecct Lifecirlce, Offecc Lab. “We always want to challenge ourselves. To have an outlet for our inquisitiveness. To push the boundaries in terms of design, technology and sustainable solutions. And above all – to never get stuck in routines and the same old rut. This is why we have created Offecct Lab. Read more.

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