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Sven Markelius

Sven Markelius (1889–1972) was one of the most influential Swedish architects of the 20th Century and played a crucial part in the introduction of Modernism in Sweden.

His own villa in Nockeby (1930) was one of the first to be built according to the new ideals and it was also one of the first experiments with reinforced concrete in housing architecture in Sweden.

Throughout a long career that would span six decades Markelius worked to advance architecture, increase housing standards and contribute to improve living conditions for all. As head of city planning in Stockholm Markelius was responsible for the realisation of the suburb Vällingby (1954) which gained international praise for being an entirely new model for suburban development.

Sven Markelius was one of the internationally most recognised Swedish architects of his time and was a member of the influential network CIAM (Congrès Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne) whose thoughts and ideals had a significant influence on 20th Century architecture and urban planning. As the only Scandinavian architect, Markelius was also a member of the committee of international architects responsible for the planning and design of the UN Headquarters in New York. Sven Markelius designed everything from large building complexes and expressive patterns for textiles to furniture that all inhabited the inventiveness and care for detail that he was widely known for. His achievements as an architect helped shape the image of Sweden as a role model for modern and progressive architecture and urban planning.

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