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Studio Stockholm is an award-winning architecture firm that works on projects of all sizes. Their business model is simple: They strive to be the best partner when it comes to understanding and developing our clients’ businesses.

Most architectural offices operate as traditional offices, but Studio Stockholm believe more in being a creative studio and consequently. They work transparently, without a CEO, not from ideals formed by a specific creative leader, but by employing their common processes and focusing on results.

With a combination of creative excellence with a business understanding, the result from their work is developing value-added end products for their clients. In a collaboration with their clients, they work as an advisor and a partner throughout the entire journey, from creating a strategy and a creative concept to performing an evaluation and following-up.

Studio Stockholm is convinced that an open organisation inspires the best solutions and encourages a fun and stimulating work environment. Today they come from many different countries working together across borders.

“When thoughts come together, experiences are shared and individuals come forward, increasing the possibility of producing innovative and value enhancing architecture. This forms the basis of our successful philosophy and is at the core of all our activities.”

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