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Benvenuto Murano!


In collaboration with Offecct, the Italian designer Luca Nichetto who has grown up on Murano off the coast of Venice, present a design that can be defined to the glassworks and the idyllic culture on Murano.

Neat, comfortable easy chair reminding of Venice, by Luca Nichetto.
Luca and Offecct has together a huge passion in common: “recycling and upcycling”. Earlier designs such as Green Pads, Notes and Phoenix is all the results of a long and positive corporation with sustainability in focus. Murano is an equally pretty easy chair which hugs your body with a surprisingly high comfort. The backrest and seat are designed so that you can vary the seat position from active- by moving your back, to move out and relax. In the relaxed situation, you also get more contact with the armrests.

“Murano is a tribute to the region of my childhood”

“Entering a lounge or lobby may figuratively speaking very well feel like coming home. The likelihood increases with an armchair that hugs your body with a surprisingly high comfort”, says Luca Nichetto.
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See an interview with Luca Nichetto at Salone del Mobile 2018, and listen to the thoughts behind the easy chair Murano.

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