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Customized to the clients need.

Everything we do at Offecct is dedicatet to our mission of creating sustainable meetings in collaboration with our clients. We want to make it easier for people to meet and communicate.

Designed for communication and meetings

People have always sought out places that stimulate the senses, thoughts and imagination. All of our products and solutions have therefore been created to make it easier for people to meet, communicate, build relationships, share ideas and develop new knowledge. This is also why design for good meetings is becoming an increasingly important competitive tool, both when it comes to attracting customers and the best employees.

Design for new lifestyles and creative meetings. Dune ottoman by Front (Offecct Lab 2017)
Offecct showroom in Gothenburg. Blocks sofa and Montparnasse easy chair by Christophe Pillet. Soufflé ottoman by Cecilie Manz.

Activity-based meeting places

Nowadays the boundaries between work, life, office and home are becoming increasingly fluid. This has an impact on the environments we move around in, particularly our workplaces which have evolved from tightly controlled production units to open, dynamic environments for creative individuals.

Our contribution is the development of activity-based meeting places. For us this means meeting places that are adapted to the individual, the situation and the task in hand. Environments with a focus on mobility and flexibility; that celebrate people’s differences and the unique needs of every activity.

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